Choose Your Dragon

12 unique dragons each with special mechanics and base stats - Select your favorite, draft from a few, or fully randomize!

Get Rolling

Your abilities and stats may guide your strategy but victory is never certain: React on-the-fly as the die can help or hinder at any moment.

Loot and Customize

As you conquer villages and castles your hoard will fill up. Build a juggernaut loaded with stats and passives, become a true spellslinger with a flurry of cards, or carefully construct the perfect endgame combo!

"9 Coins" by J.S. Buckert

Dragon Royale - Hunt, Raid, and Conquer Land!

For hundreds of years, the land has been settled by the Shoogoobii, an elvish race that rivals the dragons and has pushed them farther and farther from elven territory. Little do they know, a few dragons have their sights set on the land and are ready to claim it for themselves...

As a young dragon, you've heard the tales of the Shoogoobii race. You've heard about their ferocity, savage battle tactics, and how they've managed to drive the dragon race beyond the hills. But you've also heard some good things about them - they have unique advancements in knowledge and magik, exotic resources, and best of all, a huge tract of land that just might be ripe for the taking. It wouldn't hurt to take a look, right? Unfortunately, it looks like you aren't the only one interested in Shoogoobii land. A few other dragons have their sights set on the same territory, and at this rate, all of it might be gone before you even get there.

It's time to battle the Shoogoobii, test your skills against your fellow dragons, and defeat your rivals in combat to claim the land for yourself. Dragon Royale is an Indie, tabletop game for 2 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Collect cards, conquer castles, and roll the die to determine who's the best dragon in this fun and intensive card game.