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Kelsey Phillips

Dragon Artist

Kelsey (AKA keymintt) has been drawing dragons, monsters, people, and everything in between for almost all of her 20 years of life—and doesn't intend on stopping anytime soon. Born and raised in Arizona to a not-so-artistic family, she was self-taught for most of her artistic career, but now studies Drawing with a minor in Business at Arizona State University (ASU). Although creating art is her passion, she also enjoys reading graphic novels, jamming out to indie music, and goofing off with friends.

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Lumina the Earth Dragon - Card Art

Maximus the Fire Dragon - Figurine Model

Ruth Faminu

3D Figurine Artist

Hi, I'm Ruth (RoseRedTiger) I'm a 2d and 3d artist living in Germany, working towards making art professionally. I've loved making characters and creatures, especially dragons, since I was a kid, and intend to study Character art and animation when I'm done with school. I also love animals, especially cats.

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Michelangelo Barilla

Art Director

Michelangelo Barilla is a young, Florida-based freelancer with a focus on character design and background artwork. They are the main art director of Dragon Royale, and using their 2-year degree in education, they guide and instruct Gnarly Games' artists in the creation of media. In their free time, they advocate for fellow First Nations individuals and are an LGBTQ+ activist.


Daniela Guarecuco

Board Artist

Daniela Guarecuco is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Venezuela. Nature and fantasy are her main sources of inspiration and she works in the digital medium.

While studying Chemical Engineering back in 2014, she felt the need to balance her technical background with the freedom of creative work. Ever since she hasn't stopped creating and painting—first animal art, then expanding into other areas such as environment art and architecture. Daniela genuinely believes art can add value to other people's lives and help make sense of the world around us.

Among other things she likes to do are web development, playing guitar and reading. It is also noteworthy that she can't work properly without listening to some kind of music.

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Sample of Board

Liyashi by Stephen Escher
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